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          1. 2017-01-05
            Electric Actuation

            Electric Actuation

            Electric Actuation

            VA-3000 / VA-7000

            Working power

            DC24V, AC220V, AC380V and other voltage levels.

            Input control signal

            DC4-20MA or DC1-5V

            Feedback control signal

            DC4-20MA (load resistance of 500 ohms or less)

            By receiving industrial automation control system signals (such as: 4 ~ 20mA) to drive the valve to change the size of the cross-sectional area between the valve core and valve seat control pipe flow, temperature, pressure and other process parameters. To achieve automatic adjustment function.

            The new electric control valve actuator contains feeding function, accept a unified 4-20mA or 1-5V DC standard signal, the current signal into the corresponding linear displacement, automatically control the valve opening to reach the pipe The fluid pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level and other process parameters of continuous regulation.