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          1. 2017-02-09
            LQ1~LQ4 Electric Actuator

            LQ1~LQ4 Electric Actuator

            LQ1~LQ4 Electric Actuator

            ● IP67, Explosion proof dIIBT4
            Electrical characteristics for local control
            Reversing electric contactors,Phase Detector, Overheat,Overload.
            DC24V Voltage or passive contact for remote control.
            Five pieces passive contact signal indicate the working situation of actuators, conveniently monitor for DCS system.
            For turn button, can use common padlock locking according to requirements to preventing the false operation.

            Working Environment

            Supply Power

            3PH: AC 380V, AC 415V, AC 440V; ±10% 50/60Hz

            1PH: AC 110V, AC 220V, AC 24V; ±10% 50/60Hz

            DC: DC24V(±10%)

            Basic error




            Height about sea level




            Short time work

            10 min

            Note: No Strong corrosion media at working environment.

            Non explosion-proof products can’t be used at mixed explosive gas environment

            No strong vibrancy

            With local control, Total weight may increase 4 kgs.