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          1. 2017-02-09
            Electric Actuator

            Electric Actuator

            ● Powerful functionintelligently、proportionally type、switch type、it has all kinds of signal output type you wish for

            The volume is just about thirty five percent of product’ of same kind

            Outer casing is pressure-cast with Al alloy, fine and evenly, reducing electromag-netic disturance

            Whole stroke time has many kinds as 9s、13s、15s、30s、50s、100s(before dispatching from the factory in order to establish)

            Appearance and Name of Every Part:

            1. Case body

            2. Opening gauge

            3. Wire-in wire lock

            4. Handle axie rubber stopper

            5. Output axie

            6. Deceieration cover

            7.Electric cover

            Working power DC24V, AC380V, AC220V, AC110V, AC24V
            Input control signal DC4-20MA or DC1-5V
            Feedback control signal DC4-20MA (load resistance of 500 ohms or less)

            In order to protect the actuator and short circuit, please use fase or breaking switch.