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          1. 2017-02-09
            Brass Pre Filter

            Brass Pre Filter

            ● Longer life/non-toxic pollution free/rinse automatically. The best companion water purifier.

            Automatic washing function to eliminate due to accumulation of impurities the body's internal secondary pollution.

            Owing to the high filtration precision, so increase the filter area to ensure the purification effect of flow capacity.

            Working Tempreture: 5-40°C

            Product Size: length 150mm * height 212mm

            Working Pressure: 0-16Mpa

            Connection Size: G1/2", G3/4", G1"

            Cleaning Cycle: 15-90 days

            Filter Element: SUS316L Stainless steel filter

            Flow: 4-6 tons/hour

            Filtration Accuracy: 75 micron

            Cleaning Ways: manual washing

            Surface Treatment: brass

            Other material and size available on request.