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            Installation knowledge summary of flange connection valve

            Installation knowledge summary of flange connection valve : 1. The flange of the valve and piping should be free of damage, scratches, etc., and keep clean. Especially when...


            What is a sanitary valve and how to choose the right manufacturers from China?

            sanitary valve,What is the health level valve, a lot of people are engaged in the valve manufacturing industry, which should be more understanding. At present, the health leve...


            Front filter

            Front filter-Some people say that the emergence of the filter is an innovation, which can bring a new ladder of water purification; some people say that the filter is a "gi...


            After the two sessions will be the force of the ten new areas: involving CNC mac

            People who care about the "two sessions" of the country should not ignore the strong signal released by the former Central Committee, and the three central documents actua...


            Welded Heat Inlet Device

            Welded Heat Inlet Device is a new product, mainly used in urban central heating, central air conditioning water circulation system. The advantage of the valve is that the i...


            How to distinguish between high and medium pressure valves, High pressure valve

            Low pressure in the high pressure is only a general statement, such as people's tall, fat and thin there is no clear distinction, and now the pressure pipe fittings design are ...