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            The size and standard of flange butterfly valve

            The size and standard of flange butterfly valve,Butterfly valve flange standards will vary by manufacturer and the corresponding standards. How to write flange butterfly val...


            Cast steel knife gate valve

            Cast steel knife gate valve-The gate plate is the opening and closing parts of gate valve, and the direction of movement of the gate and the fluid direction perpendicular to th...


            How to install and use solenoid valves?

            1, Solenoid valve installation method: 1) The installation should pay attention to the arrow on the valve body should be consistent with the flow of the media can not be in...


            Valve electric device selection basis

            Valve electric device is to achieve the valve program control, automatic control and remote control of the indispensable equipment, the movement process can be travel, torqu...


            why double-valve small opening work easy to oscillate?

            or single-core, when the medium is open-type, the valve stability is good; when the medium is closed, the valve stability is poor. Double seat valve has two spool, the low...


            The comparisons between electric valve and manual valve?

            Many people think that your electric valve, the use of high cost, in fact not the case, if the overall calculation, the traditional valve to add many parts and pipe installation,...