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          1. 2017-03-08
            Valve electric device selection basis

            valve electric device selection basis

            Valve electric device is to achieve the valve program control, automatic control and remote control of the indispensable equipment, the movement process can be travel, torque or axial thrust to control the size. As the valve operating characteristics and utilization of the valve depends on the type of valve, the device work norms and the valve in the pipeline or equipment on the location, therefore, the correct choice of valve electric device, to prevent the occurrence of overload (working torque is higher than the control Torque) is essential.

            The correct choice of the valve electric device should be based:
            1.The operating torque is the most important parameter for selecting the electric device of the valve. The output torque of the electric device should be 1.2 ~ 1.5 times of the maximum torque of the valve.
            2.One is not configured thrust plate, direct output torque; the other is to configure the thrust plate, the output torque through the thrust plate stem nut into the output thrust.
            3.Number of revolutions of the output shaft: The number of turns of the output shaft of the valve motor is related to the nominal diameter of the valve, the stem pitch and the number of thread heads.
            4.Stem diameter: For multi-turn type of stem valve, if the electric device allows the maximum stem diameter can not pass through the valve stem valve, can not be assembled into electric valve. Therefore, the inner diameter of the hollow shaft of the electric device must be greater than the stem diameter of the stem valve. For part of the rotary valve and multi-turn valve in the dark bar valve, although not consider the stem diameter through the problem, but in the optional time to fully consider the stem diameter and keyway size, so that after assembly to work properly.
            5.Output speed: the valve opening and closing speed, easy to produce water hammer.Therefore, we should according to the different conditions of use, select the appropriate opening and closing speed.
            6.Installation and connection mode: the electric device installation has installed vertical, horizontal, fall to the ground;Connection mode is: the thrust plate;Stem through (stem multi-turn valves);Non-rising stem multi-turn;No thrust plate;The valve stem not through;Part of the rotary.

            Valve electric devices have their special requirements, that is, must be able to limit the torque or axial force. Usually the valve is used to limit the torque of the coupling device. When the electric device specifications are determined, the control torque is determined. Usually in a predetermined time to run, the motor will not be overloaded.

            Causing overload
            1.the power supply voltage is low, the required torque is not obtained, and the motor is stopped;
            2.The torque limiting mechanism is erroneously set so as to be larger than the stop torque, causing excessive torque to be continuously generated and the motor to stop rotating;
            3.Intermittent use, the resulting heat accumulation, more than the temperature rise of the motor;
            4.For some reason the torque limiting mechanism circuit failure, so that the torque is too large;
            5.The use of ambient temperature is too high, relative to the motor heat capacity decreased.

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