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          1. 2017-05-09
            The size and standard of flange butterfly valve

            The size and standard of flange butterfly valve

            flange butterfly valve

            Butterfly valve flange standards will vary by manufacturer and the corresponding standards. How to write flange butterfly valve size models ? Butterfly valve flange due to the weight and volume of the structure is relatively light, and the operator does not need complex operations can quickly open and close. It is therefore suitable for use in its own power plants and water plants, as well as its chemical plants and steel smelting drainage systems, which are often used as regulators for the use of equipment in water pipes. What about the butterfly valve?

            Flange Butterfly Model Size Description:
            Flange butterfly valve is above the flange on the flange of the valve, both sides of the flange flange connection. It needs to be installed along the diameter of the pipe, with good flow control characteristics. Butterfly valve flange sealing structure for the composite seat, due to wear and corrosion is not easy, the external media is too old, long-term use.

            Butterfly valve flange standard
            Jktl valve technical staff said that different countries and different manufacturers of butterfly valve flange corresponding to different standards. But the standard is flexible, when you order in accordance with the manufacturer's product selection criteria, you can also put forward their own standards require manufacturers to produce. But also to the manufacturer's flange manufacturers require the use of standard series or require to provide matching flange, to avoid butterfly valve flange and other procurement pipeline flange does not match, the key is able to adapt to their own valve size and sealing surface requirements.