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          1. 2016-04-27
            Hebei Ruidu Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was Hebei Province,
            Recently, the Hebei Ruidu Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.mainly drafted the "oil, petrochemical, natural gas and related industrial steel ball valve", "Hebei manufacturing" standard in Shijiazhuang through the "Quality Supervision Bureau of Hebei Province, The review. The group members agreed that the standard in the sealing performance, micro-leakage, fire resistance, testing capacity, etc. are higher than the current domestic and international standards, the main technical indicators have reached the leading domestic and international advanced level.
            This is following the "internal combustion engine spin-mounted oil filter" after another smoothly through the assessment of the "Hebei manufacturing" standard, Hebei this year, a total of three standard access to Hebei Province, "Hebei manufacturing" brand building Association first project. JKTL valve "Steel ball valve for petroleum, petrochemical, natural gas and related industries" is the "Hebei Made" group standard for the first valve products in the province. The formulation and promulgation of this standard will help improve the overall technical level of steel ball valve manufacturing industry. , To enhance the "Made in Hebei" brand image.