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          1. 2017-04-12
            Front filter

            Some people say that the emergence of the filter is an innovation, which can bring a new ladder of water purification; some people say that the filter is a "gimmick", no much effect, that is, the use of consumers. So, what is it? Is filter water not important? Here, on this issue, to elaborate. Many areas of domestic water supply pipeline service life has been up to several decades or even longer, the pipeline caused by water leakage pipe leakage rust and other harmful substances, resulting in water pollution.

            Water pollution present in front, how to stay away from the disease, using clean water? In the face of water pollution, we can not sit still, but can not take their own body as a filter, consider the use of a filter to defend our drinking water is the current the most important.

            Living in the bustling international metropolis, we have to rely on modern high-tech products to protect healthy drinking water. Through a variety of ways to improve water quality comparison, in the water meter before the installation of the filter can significantly improve the family water quality.
            The filter can filter the floating objects in the water, heavy metals, red worms and so on. Take our products, the choice of environmentally friendly copper, the choice of green accessories, the service life of more than 10 years, so that any psychological burden of consumers, rest assured that the use of our products, every drop of water are clean water, filtered rust, Algae, impurities, retain minerals beneficial substances, more conducive to the health of consumers. Although it can not achieve the effect of direct drink, but for the water purifier and household water appliances (dishwashers, washing machines, solar, etc.) to extend the life of at least 5 times.