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          1. 2017-02-13
            China and the EU land and sea fast transport officially opened

            The first and second columns of the Chinese cargo container, which was launched by COSCO Shipyard, arrived in Budapest, the Hungarian capital, on January 29 and February 5 from the Greek Piraeus Port. This marks the acquisition of China's Piraeus Port, the plan to connect China and Central and Eastern Europe cargo intermodal "China-Europe and the sea fast transport" officially opened.

            These two trains are mainly fulfill with furniture, industry valves, starting from Ningbo, China, and arriving at the port of Piraeus,then by rail to Budapest. It takes 26 days. This saved 5 to 6 days by ship to the port of Kopel, and then go to Budapest by land transportation.

            After acquiring Piraeus Port by "COSCO Maritime Express", the Chinese goods from China's domestic port first transported to the port of Piraeus, and then in the port of Piraeus Hungarian existing railway on the basis of the operation of the EU-China joint transport model, taking the construction of the "China-Europe land and sea fast line" line.

            Hungary as China in Central and Eastern Europe cargo transport transit station, the hub of the role of constantly highlighted. As China and Central and Eastern Europe "16 + 1 cooperation" framework flagship project, Hung Sai railway is being advanced, is expected to make substantial progress this year, the project will be strong support after"China-EU land and sea fast transport" development, promote China Goods faster, more into the European market.

            Source: Embassy in Hungary; Sorted out by Hebei Ruidu Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. www.ruid-valve.com