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          1. 2017-02-24
            2017 new trend, the valve company to do small, the customer bigger

            valve company trend

            The enterprise to do small, light, you can focus on energy, in their own areas of expertise to achieve long-term development and breakthrough; customer and market-oriented, companies can let the cost of business and price competition from the plight of the establishment of capacity-based long-term competition force.

            Internet era, the restructuring of corporate strategy to grow, the inherent driving force or organization and people. So, what is the change in the organization and human resource management of the enterprise? And in what direction toward the development?
            The Remorse of Large Groups - The Choice of "All" to "Special"

            So, for the boss, how can the valve company to do small, do light? Here are a few suggestions for your reference.

            Trend 1: heavy talent, light assets

            Really pay attention to the talent of Chinese enterprises are rare, many boss would rather out of 10 million to buy a machine pile in the plant, do not want to ask some money every year expert consultants. This is suffering from a typical "heavy assets, light talent" and "serious illness."
            Moreover, many companies like to use obedient employees, because they think this kind of person for corporate culture, combined boss appetite, and the real ability of talent is often forced to go.
            The boss to overcome the "asset complex", in a timely manner do not meet the direction of the development of the company's assets, the use of light assets to operate, and gradually enhance the utilization of assets. But also to strengthen the value of staff analysis, rather than personal preferences to determine the quality of employees.

            Trend 2: re-efficiency, light scale

            Chinese people are most concerned about the size of the company to see and not, first of all depends on the size of the company and not big. In fact, most companies in the future must be small-scale, but small-scale in order to survive on the efficiency of the valve company will be higher than the big line, or can only be eliminated by large enterprises.
            For example, you do a little better than the service in the service, the speed is faster, the price is lower, the packaging is a little bit, the use of convenience, more humane point, the only way that your small company will survive a little better.

            Trend three: heavy customers, light sales

            There is a door to do the automatic door of the entrepreneur friends find me, the recent automatic door industry into a price war crisis, he was troubled by the matter: "followed by a price war, will give up profits; do not follow the price war, Abandon sales. "
            I asked him, "Do you have confidence in your product?"
            He replied: "Our quality is the best in China, can compete with foreign brands."
            I said with a smile: "Why do not you take the product out of a show? To achieve a strong competitive position, it should be the highest value of their products show."
            Do not compete in price, to compete in value. To provide customers with the overall solution, not just the program that part of you. When we accept each business order, we must first clear that: the customer is limited, the number of products is limited, we can predict its limited, to make money to be aware of the money.
            This requires the business must be valuable, to clearly understand the purpose of business, in the end is based on cost considerations or based on value considerations.

            Trend four: heavy market, light production

            Some people say that product quality is the life of the enterprise, although there is some truth, it is clear that this is the concept of production era of thinking products.

            In today's era, the enterprise's life is not in production but in the market, is the customer. Unfortunately, many domestic enterprises are lack of specialized research market and industry professionals, on which a product entirely by the boss personal experience and intuition. Enterprises to a certain size must be market and customer-oriented, so as to maintain long-term competitiveness.

            Source: Embassy in Hungary; Sorted out by Hebei Ruidu Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. www.ruid-valve.com