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          1. 2017-03-01
            Valve main market development

            Valve main market development

            Oil and gas industry

            In North America and some developed countries, there are many proposed projects, the expansion of oil projects, in addition, because people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, the state established environmental regulations, so many years ago to establish the refinery must be re-transformation, so in the next few Year, investment in oil development and refining funds will continue to maintain growth momentum. China's long-distance pipeline of oil and natural gas pipeline construction and the future construction of long-distance pipeline in Russia will directly promote the growth of the oil industry valve market. According to the long-term development of the oil and gas development and delivery valve market, the demand for oil and natural gas development and transportation for valves will increase from US $ 8.2 billion in 2002 to US $ 14 billion in 2005.

            Energy industry

            For a long time, the energy industry demand for the valve has maintained a solid, stable growth rate. The total amount of electricity generated by thermal power plants and nuclear power plants in the world is 2679030MW, and the electricity generation in the United States is 74,331MW. The power generation of new power stations in the rest of the world is 780000MW and 40% in the next few years. Europe, South America, Asia, especially China's energy market will become a new growth point of the valve market. From 2002 to 2005, the energy market demand for valve products from $ 5.2 billion to $ 6.9 billion, an average annual increase of 9.3%.

            Chemical industry

            The chemical industry ranks first in the industry with more than $ 150 million in output and is one of the largest demand markets for valves. Chemical industry need to design more mature, high quality processing, industrial rare material valves. In recent years, chemical market competition has become extremely fierce, many chemical manufacturers have to cut costs, but in 2003-2004, the chemical industry's output and profits doubled, the demand for valve products ushered in 30 years of new Peak, after 2005, the chemical industry demand for valve products will grow at an annual rate of 5% growth.

            Overall, China's valve market prices are relatively stable, although a slight increase every year, but the rate is very small. Through the analysis of the valve market is not difficult to find, China's valve product market has a good development prospects, but must regulate the market order and strict management, eliminate vicious competition, here call the conscience of the industry and government quality supervision.

            Source: Embassy in Hungary; Sorted out by Hebei Ruidu Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. www.ruid-valve.com