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          1. 2017-03-01
            The development trend of automatic valve

            The rise of an industry, for us to bring many opportunities for employment, for example, due to the sharp rise in labor costs more and more customers began to use pneumatic, electric and other automated valves, and a large part of the supply of machinery manufacturing industry, Related to the mechanical manufacturing business hot, but also to us to increase sales, this phenomenon is like a melon vine, a melon grows the whole melon on the melon are the same benefit. Familiar with the valve are aware of this, one of the most important advantages of automation is the liberation of the manual labor force, improve the production efficiency, the machine can be in the case of no intervention, in accordance with pre-set procedures or orders to automatically operate or Process control, its goal is "stable, accurate, fast".

            In response to this information, in the market launched the largest automated valve equipment to meet the needs of the market for the development of the valve industry to clear the development of obstacles to the electric valve in the valve industry to achieve better development. Automated valves can reduce the risk of manual misuse of the product, so that fluid control more accurate, greatly improve the efficiency of the system, as many of the chemical industry's preferred products.

            The development trend of the automatic valve is an opportunity for domestic enterprises to develop, but the domestic valve industry should recognize that the export volume of the automatic valve is less than 5% of the total output value, the amount of imports is equivalent to the total output value, which shows that China's automatic valve Demand gap is not small, the product in technology, quality and foreign there is still a big gap, can not fully meet the needs of domestic high-end market. So the valve business must firmly grasp the opportunity to develop the automation valve to improve market share and product quality.

            In the modern economic and social development under the conditions of automation, automation will be the inevitable trend of social development. So the valve company must keep up with the trend of social development in order to compete in the market in an invincible position.

            Source: Embassy in Hungary; Sorted out by Hebei Ruidu Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. www.hbruidu.com