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          1. 2017-03-16
            How to distinguish between high and medium pressure valves, High pressure valve

            Low, middle and high pressure valve division:

            Low pressure in the high pressure is only a general statement, such as people's tall, fat and thin there is no clear distinction, and now the pressure pipe fittings design are specific to the pressure value, will not say that this place to install a medium pressure valve. Generally 1.6MPa, 10.0MPa as the demarcation point, the design pressure is less than or equal to 1.6MPa for the low-pressure pipeline, greater than 1.6MPa less than or equal to 10.0MPa for the medium-pressure pipeline, more than 10.0MPa for the high-pressure pipeline.

            Pressure pipe refers to all under pressure or external pressure of the pipeline, regardless of its tube medium, part of the valve pressure can also be divided by this.

            General press the level of high and low divided into:
            1. Low-pressure pipeline engineering pressure <1.6MPa;
            2. Medium pressure pipeline engineering pressure 1.6-6.4MPa;
            3. High pressure pipeline engineering pressure> 10MPa;

            Most of our current habit is to distinguish between stress and structure. According to the pressure requirements, the valve flange thickness and valve thickness is not standardized, 6.4MPa and 10MPa flange thickness and body thickness is completely different.
            High pressure valve principle:
            High-pressure valve is mainly on the main material for hard processing and related treatment, after treatment of the material becomes resistant to wear. High-pressure technology for many valve manufacturers is now not a very difficult technology. But in the field of ultra-high pressure, those who need frequent pressurized pressure relief system, or is particularly important. The main failure causes of the UHP valve are cavitation and erosion wear, and many factors affect the cavitation and erosion, mainly the mechanical properties of the material, fluid mechanics and environmental impact.

            The actual application process, the application of high-pressure valve is still a lot worthy of our attention, such as whether the material standards, the use of the largest material pressure. Corrosive performance of the fluid will reduce the valve pressure. Media with viscosity or particles will accelerate the wear of the valve body, should be replaced as scheduled. High temperature and high pressure valve should choose the brand valve manufacturers. The new piping system should correctly select the valve structure and sealing performance.

            This article is provided by Hebei Ruidu Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd