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          1. 2017-03-21
            Welded Heat Inlet Device

             Welded Heat Inlet Device

            Welded Heat Inlet Device is a new product, mainly used in urban central heating, central air conditioning water circulation system. The advantage of the valve is that the installation of the pipe network welding method to fill the original valve without welding the way the gap, eliminating the need for flange, bolt, gasket costs, saving a lot of material resources; valve body wall is more smooth, small resistance, so that the pipe network to run more convenient and more stable. Water supply pipe installed with steel through the filter can make the pipe network more reasonable sewage, sewage and backwash without shutting down the equipment, easy to operate; valve body with sewage valve and inspection holes, easy online real-time sewage and check the sewage failure ; Also solved the installation of Y-type filter is difficult to do insulation and loss of a large number of heat load of the status quo, saving heating costs by 20%. The device installation is simple, easy to heat preservation, easy to discharge, the use of safe, long life, will become the pipe network system, air conditioning systems and sewage system essential products.

            The Welded Heat Inlet Device has six functions: Shut off, filter, sewage, regulation, control, insulation integration.

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