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          1. 2017-04-05
            After the two sessions will be the force of the ten new areas: involving CNC mac

            two seesions wiil be the force of the new areas

            People who care about the "two sessions" of the country should not ignore the strong signal released by the former Central Committee, and the three central documents actually laid the Chinese
            economic highlights for the next five to ten years. People who care about the "two sessions" of the country should not ignore the strong signal released by the former Central Committee, and the three central documents actually laid the Chinese economic highlights for the next five to ten years.

            The first document is the "Made in China 2025" Notice issued by the State Council in May 2015, which is the first decade of China's strategy for the implementation of the strategy for manufacturing power, focusing on the development of "new generation of information technology, high-grade CNC machine tools and robots, aviation Aerospace equipment, marine engineering and high-tech ships, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy saving and new energy vehicles, power equipment, new materials, biomedicine and high-performance medical equipment,
            agricultural machinery and equipment, "the top ten areas. This plan will be through the manufacturing innovation center construction, intelligent manufacturing, industrial strong base, high-end equipment innovation and other five projects to achieve.

            In the intelligent manufacturing, the highest expression of gold content is "the organization of research and development with deep perception, intelligent decision-making, automatic implementation of the function of high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, timber manufacturing equipment and other intelligent manufacturing equipment and intelligent production lines, breaking new sensors, Measuring equipment, industrial control systems, servo motors and drives and reducer and other intelligent core devices to promote the project and industrialization, co-ordinate the layout and promote intelligent transport, intelligent engineering machinery, service robots, smart appliances, intelligent lighting appliances, Wear equipment and other product development and industrialization. "

            In the high-end equipment innovation, the relevant expression of the gold content reflected in the forward-looking technology, such as "a comprehensive breakthrough in the fifth generation of mobile communications (5G) technology, highly concerned about the impact of subversive new materials on traditional materials, Materials, nano-materials, graphene, bio-based materials and other strategic cutting-edge materials in advance layout and development to achieve biological 3D printing, induction of pluripotent stem cells and other new technologies breakthrough and application.

            The second is the November 3, 2015 the CPC Central Committee issued "on the development of national economic and social development thirteenth five-year plan recommendations", which is the old and new kinetic expression is: support energy conservation, biotechnology, information Technology, intelligent manufacturing, high-end equipment, new energy and other emerging industries to support the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, adhere to the strategy and cutting-edge guidance, which focus on supporting the development of the overall situation of the basic research and common key technology research to speed up breakthroughs in a new generation of information and communication , New energy, new materials, aerospace, bio-medicine, intelligent manufacturing and other areas of core technology. "

            The third is from November 2015 to date the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the "National Key R & D program pilot special 2016 annual project", the national key research and development program by the "863", "973" and other national science and technology plan integration, has been released Three batches, mainly related to digital medical equipment, new energy vehicles, high-performance computing, key basic materials technology upgrading and industrialization, strategic advanced electronic materials. To sum up, these three documents suggest that the draft of the "13th Five-Year Plan" to be considered in the manufacturing and new industries in the field of vision, combed down, highlighting the three top ten economic momentum.

            1, New equipment. A, the development of high-end CNC machine tools. B, vigorously develop industrial robots, service robots, surgical robots and military robots. Promote artificial intelligence technology in various fields. C, the development of nuclear medicine impact equipment, superconducting magnetic resonance imaging system, non-invasive ventilator and other high-performance medical equipment. D, research and development of aeroengine, gas turbine, deep space exploration and spacecraft in orbit service and maintenance system.

            2, New technology. A, fifth generation mobile communication (5G). B, wearable equipment, advanced sensors, VR technology C, accelerate the promotion of genomics and other biotechnology large-scale applications. D, to accelerate the Beidou, remote sensing satellite commercial applications.

            3, New materials. A, vigorously develop shape memory alloy, self-repair materials and other intelligent materials B, breaking the graphene, metamaterials and other nano-functional high-end materials.

            2016 national "two sessions" reason and a few years ago is a big difference, mainly on the future expectations of the time scale: "Twelve Five" has just ended, "thirteen" start soon, look at a year or look at five Year, the angle of course is quite different.

            In the new government's discourse system, both are described as economic "old kinetic energy" and "new kinetic energy". Speaking of new and old, of course, is relatively speaking, from the previous five years of planning documents, this old two new content, basically in pairs, but each name is not the same.

            For example, the 2006 "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" said the former as "equipment manufacturing industry", the latter as "high-tech industry"; 2011 "second five" plan will be raw materials, consumer goods and equipment manufacturing industry into the " Manufacturing "category, and the latter expanded to include seven areas of the" strategic emerging industries. " "13th Five-Year Plan" has not yet introduced, but since last year's "Made in China 2025" point of view, has the two combined, the former mainly "smart manufacturing" as the core, the latter was "high-end equipment
            Innovation "as the representative of some of the forward-looking strategic industries.
            Over the past decade, China's economy has changed several times, all kinds of immediate, urgent needs and long-term, strategic considerations appear alternately, the shift. Comparing the three plans for the definition of old and new kinetic energy, on the one hand can be a glimpse of the central to the future relationship between the major national decision-making thinking of the real logic, on the other hand, is more important - for the future, how the next five years or even ten years Of the economic trend has a stronger degree of control.

            Now, the draft of the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development is being reviewed by the National People's Congress and will be officially released after the end of the "two sessions". The overall planning will set China in the next five years or even longer development path, in particular, which direct the traditional direction of the traditional manufacturing and emerging industries to support the directory, the business community, business and investment community It is significant.

            What is the power of the Chinese economy to move forward and let us wait and see.

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